Friday, September 21, 2012

Chocolate Waffle Cookies

You know those days when you are tearing through every cabinet and pantry in your house looking for something chocolate…you think you might just DIE if you don’t get some chocolate RIGHT NOW!  (Well, ladies I know you know what I am talking about Winking smile)

So I had a must-eat-chocolate-now-nom-nom kind of moment and went hunting the internet for a recipe that I already had all the ingredients for.  I came across this recipe for Chocolate Waffle Cookies on the Yummy-Healthy-Easy blog and decided it was perfect for many reasons:
  1. I had all the ingredients on hand.
  2. It only made a few.  Hubs doesn’t eat chocolate, so I didn’t want 3 dozen cookies hanging around all week that I had to eat.
  3. You make them in the waffle iron, so they are ready FAST.
And…I found this out after I cooked them…they are super moist, and stay that way for a few days.  This makes for a super delicious cookie!
I give these two thumbs up and even made a second batch half way through the   week.  If you like chocolate, you will love these!

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