Saturday, September 15, 2012

For the Love of Pinterest ~ Never Pay for Redbox Again

When I saw this pin I had to re-pin it and follow it to the Pretty Providence Blog.  Hubs and his brother are like the younger, cooler Siskel and Ebert.  They watch every movie that comes out;  the good, the bad, and the super scary, and they aren’t scared to give you their opinion about it.


Going to the movies is WAAAYYYYY too expensive for people that watch a lot of movies, Blockbuster-type places don’t exist anymore, and ordering from the Pay Per View is saved for must-see movies only since they are $4.99 a pop.  $1 is do-able, even if the movie turns out to me a major dud.  But there is nothing better than getting them for FREE. 

We tried out all of the codes that were shared on the Pretty Providence blog, and even followed her link to the Inside Redbox page and tried those too.  Some worked…some didn’t.  Some worked online, some worked only at the kiosk.  If you are willing to write them down, hold up the line to try multiple codes sometimes, and can remember to take the codes with you to the kiosk, it is totally worth it….

….But honestly, Hubs and I decided it was too much work and we would just pay the dollar.  So maybe this pin was a semi-dud. Thinking smile

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