Monday, September 24, 2012

Apple Week ~ Apple Dog Cookies

Of course we had to  use our apples to make a sweet little recipe for our two favorite furry critters.  I did a quick little search on Pinterest and found this perfect recipe on 17Apart.  I think it was meant to be because the reasoning for her dog cookies was her “recent trip to the apple orchard”…how funny….so was mine! 

Before we started making our cookies, we had to take a moment to play ball in the backyard, in the amazing fall weather!

IMG_2011 copy

IMG_2022 copy

IMG_2044 copy

I just love those girls!!!  They are so sweet together!  Now back to the cookies…


I mixed up my dough just as directed on the 17Apart blog recipe.  The only thing I changed was that I cut my apples on the mandolin to save time.  Then I rolled out the dough and cut out my dog cookie shapes. 


I used parchment paper on my cookie sheet and it worked beautifully, the cookies came right off and there was no clean up!  Also, these cookies don’t expand at all, so you can pack them on the sheet!


The cookies turned out beautifully!!!  They actually even smelled pretty good, thank goodness they were cut into the shape of a dog bone, or I think Hubs may have eaten one!

IMG_2064 copy

So now comes the real test….and they passed!!  The girls devoured them!  Look at Harley’s sweet little tongue peeking out while she waited patiently for me to snap a quick picture. :0)

IMG_2065 copy

And Willow sat so nicely, showing off her “leave-it”skills, but trust me, as soon as I uttered the words “Okay” there wasn’t a crumb left!

IMG_2075 copy

And just because I love this face so much….I am going to leave you with one more sweet picture of my favorite chocolate horse. :0)


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