Friday, September 7, 2012

Cheap Sweetness – Dynamite Day!

I have been on a mission to go above and beyond to show the hubs how much he means to me.  I have been trying to do something a little special for him whenever I can, and today I am going to start sharing those ideas with you.  They are all super cheap, super sweet ideas that you can do for your mate too! I get many/most of my ideas from the Dating Divas Blog, so take a minute to hop over to their blog and check out their plethora of ideas. And hey…do me a favor…if you try something out, come back and leave me a comment here to tell me how it went over with the mate. :0)


During Hub’s first week back at school, I know he was having a hard time getting back in the groove of waking up early, getting the dogs out in the morning, and taking the long drive back to work.  I wanted to let him know I was thinking about him, so I made up this little treat and had it waiting for him on the basement steps when he came home.

I stopped by the store and picked up a can of Pringles (my hubs LOVES Pringles :0), typed up the dynamite stick on the computer (ignore the mis-spelling, if you know me, you know spelling is NOT my strength), glued the label on, and glued on a “fuse” and placed it in the prime location for discovery. :0)


It was a big hit with hubby – he was totally not expecting it and loved the extra thought and energy I put into showing him I was thinking about him. Total Cost = $1.29 (for the Pringles), everything else I had on hand.   Try it out for yourself and see what reaction you might get.

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