Saturday, September 29, 2012

FTLP ~ Apple Week ~ Crock Pot Applesauce

To finish up our apple week, I would like to leave you with a delicious Pinterest-found treat.  This recipe for Crock-Pot Apple Sauce is so delicious, easy, and HEALTHY!  Gina at SkinnyTaste makes it so simple to have delicious home-made applesauce.  This was a hit with the hubs, and used up a ton of our apples! :0)

IMG_1821 copy

I followed Gina’s recipe on SkinnyTaste pretty close.  I did add one extra spoonful of brown sugar to sweeten things up since I used a lot of tart apples.  I also used ground cinnamon instead of a cinnamon stick (which is where my dark color is coming from).  Head over to SkinnyTaste for the recipe and give it a try just in time for fall!

IMG_1823 copy

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