Monday, September 10, 2012

College Spirit Wreath

I hope you all loved my UGA porch as much as I did…do….we are still loving it every day!  One of my changes I loved the most was my UGA wreath.  It was one of the simplest wreaths I have made to-date.


I started by cutting some cotton fabric into 2 1/2 inch strips.


I wrapped the strips around a foam wreath and glued them down along the way.


I hot-glued a Georgia magnet to one side of the wreath.


Then, I traced and cut out some red circles (about 25) out of felt.


I bunched up the red circles to make rosette-type things.  I glued them very closely together against both sides of the magnet.  Finally I added a ribbon on the back to hang the wreath and ta da…


The only thing I would change is to balance the wreath better.  It was a little heavy on the side with the magnet and hung a little lop-sided.  I had to use pins and push them through the screen door into the back of the foam wreath to hold it straight…shhh…don’t tell anyone. ;0)


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