Tuesday, September 11, 2012

College Spirit Subway Art

My UGA porch makes me so happy….in case you can’t tell. :0)  I did try something a little new by creating this subway art piece. 

We had some left over melamine wood from the pantry, and I was excited to use it for this project.  I started by printing off the subway art from online and cutting my wood to the correct size…and yes, I cut the wood all by myself…and I still have all my fingers. :0)


I spray painted the smaller piece black, and just touched up the unfinished edges on the larger piece with white while the first piece dried.

subway2 subway3

Joe attached the smaller piece to the backing and also attached some stands to the back to allow the piece to be free-standing.  Then, I covered the entire black piece with modge-podge and laid down my subway art (gently pressing out the bubbles as I went).


Once the piece dried, I covered the top of the piece with two layers of modge-podge to help protect it from the elements outside.


I added a magnet to the right side and finally it was ready for the front porch… and I think I might just like it. :0)


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